What Colours Go Best With What Months

Finding the colour theme for your wedding is one of the first things you do. One of the most important factors to consider when choosing your colour is what month you are getting married in. 

Depending on the season, your colour scheme will most likely change. This guide will give you an idea of which colours match your wedding month best. 


January- Metallics

Having metallic accents and bridesmaids dress is very trendy right now, especially for a January wedding. 


February – Red

February is the month of romance and there is nothing that screams romantic more than the colour red. Red roses, red bridesmaid dresses and red accents in contrast with the white snow outside will create an incredibly quixotic ambiance, perfect for a winter wedding. 


March- Emerald Green

Emrald green will stand out in the Month of March and it will remind your guests that spring is right around the corner. This bold and beautiful colour is a great accent for any wedding, especially in the month of March. 


April- Shades of Pink

April is the start of spring and one of the most unique and on-trend things to do is to incorporate different shades of the same colour within your theme. 

April is a great month to pick shades of pink as your colour theme. You can have your bridesmaids in different shades of the colour and flowers that go from light to dark will give your wedding a glamorous edge that guests will fall in love with. 


May- Lavender 

Lavender screams spring and what better month to utilize the colour than May. The beautiful and classic colour will add a certain elegance to your spring wedding. And, the best thing about Lavender is that you can easily mix it with metallic shades, or other colours. 


June- Dusty Rose

Dusty Rose is without a doubt the most popular summer bridesmaid colour. There is something about the simplicity of the shade that brides are drawn to, especially brides who get married in the month of June. 

Dusty rose can be combined with other colours and looks good on all different skin tones, which makes both you and your bridal party happy!


July- Baby Blue

Baby blue is a colour that more people should incorporate in their big days and the month of July is the ideal month to do so. 

There is a lot of charm and warmth that surrounds the colour and bringing this lovely shade into your July wedding is a very good idea. 


August- Gold and Teal

Another popular trend at the moment is combining two main colour themes and throughout the month of August, combining gold and teal make for stellar events. 

The richness of the gold combined with the softness of the teal will give your wedding an edge!


September- Royal Blue 

September and Royal Blue go together like you and your future spouse. There is a true regal vibe that surrounds royal blue, especially for a wedding. This unique colour will give your wedding that certain “je ne sais quoi” you have been looking for. 


October- Eggplant

Eggplant is a dark purple that is ideal for a fall wedding. Many people try to stay away from having black as their main colour and although we all love black, many believe it to not be wedding appropriate. Eggplant is a great way of bringing dark tones into your wedding while staying away from black! 


November- Multicolour

One unique and out of the box trend is to incorporate a slew of colours into your décor. Your bridesmaids will all wear different colours or patterns and your floral arrangements can include flowers of all sorts and shades. There are so many colour combinations to be made that will allow you to have a breathtaking wedding. 


December- All White

December weddings have a certain winter romance to them. That is why it is so spectacular to have an all-white, December wedding. All white is a popular choice when it comes to wedding décor, the simple sophistication it offers is why brides tend to love it so much.

The Best Proposal Spots In Montreal

There is so much pressure when it comes to creating the perfect proposal for your loved one. There is so much to think of, so much to plan. And, who can forget the butterflies that are squirming through your stomach as you try and hide this giant secret from your partner?


Not only is our city filled with beauty, but the romantic feel also gives off a European vibe making this a great city to get down on one knee and ask the love of your life to marry you.


There are some crazy romantic places in the city to propose, there are places that are simply not up to par when it comes to asking these very important and life-changing questions. So, if proposing is on your mind, you might want to take a look at the following.


Old Montreal

It is no secret that Old Montreal is one of the most beautiful locations in our city, if not the most beautiful.

The Old Port is rich in history, filled with stunning locations and its European flair gives it a romantic feel, making it one of the best spots in the city to get down on one knee. 


Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens is a whimsical and romantic destination. The intricate details exude beauty and give guests the illusion of entering a painting. This location reminds me of being in a fairy tale, making it a perfect place for your fairy tale proposal!


Beaver Lake 

No matter what season it is, Beaver Lake is always beautiful.

Throughout the year, Beaver Lake is known to be a place of romance. It is not only a great date spot, but it is a perfect place to have that perfect proposal.  Throughout each season, this location has a different type of beauty and each season offers a romantic energy unlike many other places in the city. 

No matter what season you pick, we are sure your loved one's answer will be yes.


Lachine Canal

Surrounded by beautiful views, trees, water, and flowers, there is no place quite like the Lachine Canal.

There are so many ways to propose at the Lachine Canal. You can take a bike ride and have a picnic set up or you can set up a day with friends and do it in front of everyone or simply as you take a walk and admire the surrounding beauty. Regardless of how you do it, if you do it there, I am almost certain you will get a yes.


Ferris Wheel

Proposing to the love of your life while overlooking the gorgeous city takes romance to new heights. The Ferris Wheel in Old Montreal has quickly become a proposal destination within our city. 

This romantic proposal can be the start of this beautiful next chapter in your life. 


He Popped The Question, You Said Yes- Now What?

He got down on one knee and asked you to marry him, you said yes. Now what?


Getting engaged can be overwhelming. The variety of emotions that take over you are both beautiful and stressful, which is where wedding planners come in. Every couple is different when it comes to engagements. Some couples want to have a long engagement, while others want to get married as soon as they can. Figuring out when you want to tie the knot is the first thing you need to do as an engaged couple. 


Before picking the venue, you should make a rough list on how many guests you will be including in the evening. That will give you and your fiancé a better idea as to what venue will work for you. As a couple, you should look at venues in the areas that you are interested in having your reception. Figure out what styles you prefer. Do you have more of a classic (insert link for Mont Blanc) or are the two of you looking for something a bit more modern (insert link for Gare Viger). 


If this is already overwhelming you, then perhaps you should consider a wedding planner. Wedding planners are there to make this experience as easy as possible. From the moment you hire your planner until your cake is cut, this professional will be at your service for everything wedding. 


From décor, to floral arrangements and even for menu selections, wedding planners have a lot of experience in this industry and they are there for you to have the wedding of your dream on whatever budget you have to play with. 


Wedding planners or event coordinators know this industry inside and out and they will give you all the tools to be able to have the wedding you yearn for. By hiring a wedding planner, you will also be relieved of all the stress both leading up to the wedding and the day of. If anything goes wrong on your big day, your wedding planner will make sure that the problem is handled, without you knowing about it. 


Wedding planners make the process easier for the couple and although it is an extra cost it is a worthy investment for those who are overwhelmed. If you are considering working with a wedding planner, set up a few meetings with local planners and take it from there. 


Your wedding should be the day of your dreams and if you need help to make that happen, some amazing people are there to lend you a hand.

Things All Couples Need To Remember On Their Big Day

When it comes to planning your big day, countless details go into making it perfect. However, your décor and food choices aren’t the only important things, what truly matters is that you and your new life partner, love your evening as much as you love each other. 


With all the efforts that you put into your wedding day, it sometimes gets hard to focus on what truly matters the day of. 


Focus On You and Your Partner

Although your big day may involve a lot of people, the two people that matter most are a couple of honour. Make sure you don’t let anything get in the way of your joy on the day of. If something goes wrong, if someone doesn’t show up, if they play the wrong song, none of it matters, because, on that day, you will be saying “I do” to the love of your life. 


Pace Yourself 

Weddings often involve alcohol and there is nothing more fun than throwing it down at a wedding. However, when you are the ones getting married, you are going to want to try and pace yourself. Weddings days are long, you wake up early and hopefully dance the night away and as it is your big day you are going to want to remember as much as you can. For that reason, and many others, it is important to pace yourself the day of your wedding. Wait until all the important moments have passed and then allow yourself to let loose! 


Take A Walk Around The Venue

A lot of couples forget to roam around the room and take in the stunning décor they have chosen. Your wedding day tends to be hectic and filled with a rush of emotions, which is why it is coming for couples to forget to take in the majesty of the room. Not only will walking around the room give you the chance to take in all your hard work but it will also allow you to pass by and check up on your tables. 



So many couples forget to eat on their big day and although this is common it doesn’t make it right. You will spend a lot of time perfecting your menu, you should at least taste the creations that you hand-selected. Plus, it will allow you to have even more energy to hit that dance floor until the crack of dawn. 


Take It All In 

Your wedding is without a doubt one of the most magical days of your life and every couple who has been through it will tell you how fast it goes. From walking down the aisle to exchanging vows and sharing your first dance, these once in a lifetime moments need to be cherished. Take a moment, with your new spouse, and take it all in- all the love, all the good energy and all those moments that you will both carry with you forever. 

Who Should You Bring Dress Shopping?

Looking for a wedding gown can be frustrating and beautiful all at once. 


This special moment is one that brides dream about for their entire lives and who they bring with them is very important. Brides are under a lot of stress and part of that stress is finding that dress of your dreams, the one you have been dreaming of since you were a little girl. 


That special moment, when you find the dress that you will walk down the aisle with is one that you will remember for the rest of your days. That is why it is important to think of who you want to bring with you. A lot of people would say to bring a family member or your mother in law but the reality is, you should be bringing whoever you are comfortable with. 


Find a person in your life that is honest with you, who knows your taste and who brings your confidence up. Trying on dresses can be very vulnerable, especially if you don’t know what you are looking for. A lot of people want to bring everyone they love however, from my experience that will only confuse you. Too many people mean too many opinions and it will be hard to get a large group to agree on something. This often happens and almost always leaves the bride sad and confused. 


The magic number for dress trials is three. Find 3 people in your life, whose opinions you value, who knows your style and have them, help you with the dress. You can bring everyone else to one of your fittings and still have a magical moment with those you love, however, it is not necessary to bring them all when you are looking for the dress. 


There is also a superstition that comes with showing the groom your dress before the day of the wedding. However, more couples have been shopping for the dress together. If you want to shop with your fiancé, there is no rule telling you that you cannot. Allow yourself to have the dress experience that you want. 


Don’t be afraid to hurt someone’s feelings, this special time is not about making everyone else happy, it is about you marrying the love of your life. Those who truly care about you will understand your choice and come the day of the wedding everyone will be thrilled to see you in that perfect choice that you chose with the perfect group of people.  

How To Pick The Perfect Venue For Your Big Day

When it comes to picking a venue, there are a lot of details that will go into your decision. However, every couple needs a starting point and that is where these four steps come in. If you are your fiancé are at the beginning stages of planning, these steps will help guide you to your dream venue. 


Number of guests

The number of guests is important because it will give you an idea of what venues are available to you. If you are having a big, 400 person wedding, some locations don’t have the space for that. If you are having a small, 30 person wedding, some venues will be too large. 

Figuring out an approximate number of guests will get the ball rolling on your planning and will give you a good idea on what options can suit your bridal desires. 


Sit down dinner or cocktails only?

This is important when picking a venue as tables take up more space, therefore fit fewer people in a room. By figuring out what kind of dining your guests will be enjoying, you will also be able to figure out what venue is right for your event. 

Some venues strive to sit down settings while others were made for buffets and cocktails. 


Where will the ceremony be?

Will you be having the ceremony and reception at the same place, or will you have the ceremony performed at a church?

This question makes a big difference when looking for venues because you need to find a space that can accommodate both the ceremony and the reception. That will automatically eliminate certain venues, which will make your decision a lot easier. 


Style of wedding

Everyone has a different vision for their big day. For some couples, they want a big, traditional wedding, while other couples are looking for a rustic outdoor event. Find a venue that moves you and a location where you can see yourself celebrating this milestone event. If you picture your wedding being small and intimate then you should look as venues that can accommodate that, if you want something more regal and grand, then find a ballroom that suits those needs. 

The style of your wedding sets the tone for everything so make sure you follow your heart when deciding.