How To Pick The Perfect Venue For Your Big Day

When it comes to picking a venue, there are a lot of details that will go into your decision. However, every couple needs a starting point and that is where these four steps come in. If you are your fiancé are at the beginning stages of planning, these steps will help guide you to your dream venue. 


Number of guests

The number of guests is important because it will give you an idea of what venues are available to you. If you are having a big, 400 person wedding, some locations don’t have the space for that. If you are having a small, 30 person wedding, some venues will be too large. 

Figuring out an approximate number of guests will get the ball rolling on your planning and will give you a good idea on what options can suit your bridal desires. 


Sit down dinner or cocktails only?

This is important when picking a venue as tables take up more space, therefore fit fewer people in a room. By figuring out what kind of dining your guests will be enjoying, you will also be able to figure out what venue is right for your event. 

Some venues strive to sit down settings while others were made for buffets and cocktails. 


Where will the ceremony be?

Will you be having the ceremony and reception at the same place, or will you have the ceremony performed at a church?

This question makes a big difference when looking for venues because you need to find a space that can accommodate both the ceremony and the reception. That will automatically eliminate certain venues, which will make your decision a lot easier. 


Style of wedding

Everyone has a different vision for their big day. For some couples, they want a big, traditional wedding, while other couples are looking for a rustic outdoor event. Find a venue that moves you and a location where you can see yourself celebrating this milestone event. If you picture your wedding being small and intimate then you should look as venues that can accommodate that, if you want something more regal and grand, then find a ballroom that suits those needs. 

The style of your wedding sets the tone for everything so make sure you follow your heart when deciding.