What Colours Go Best With What Months

Finding the colour theme for your wedding is one of the first things you do. One of the most important factors to consider when choosing your colour is what month you are getting married in. 

Depending on the season, your colour scheme will most likely change. This guide will give you an idea of which colours match your wedding month best. 


January- Metallics

Having metallic accents and bridesmaids dress is very trendy right now, especially for a January wedding. 


February – Red

February is the month of romance and there is nothing that screams romantic more than the colour red. Red roses, red bridesmaid dresses and red accents in contrast with the white snow outside will create an incredibly quixotic ambiance, perfect for a winter wedding. 


March- Emerald Green

Emrald green will stand out in the Month of March and it will remind your guests that spring is right around the corner. This bold and beautiful colour is a great accent for any wedding, especially in the month of March. 


April- Shades of Pink

April is the start of spring and one of the most unique and on-trend things to do is to incorporate different shades of the same colour within your theme. 

April is a great month to pick shades of pink as your colour theme. You can have your bridesmaids in different shades of the colour and flowers that go from light to dark will give your wedding a glamorous edge that guests will fall in love with. 


May- Lavender 

Lavender screams spring and what better month to utilize the colour than May. The beautiful and classic colour will add a certain elegance to your spring wedding. And, the best thing about Lavender is that you can easily mix it with metallic shades, or other colours. 


June- Dusty Rose

Dusty Rose is without a doubt the most popular summer bridesmaid colour. There is something about the simplicity of the shade that brides are drawn to, especially brides who get married in the month of June. 

Dusty rose can be combined with other colours and looks good on all different skin tones, which makes both you and your bridal party happy!


July- Baby Blue

Baby blue is a colour that more people should incorporate in their big days and the month of July is the ideal month to do so. 

There is a lot of charm and warmth that surrounds the colour and bringing this lovely shade into your July wedding is a very good idea. 


August- Gold and Teal

Another popular trend at the moment is combining two main colour themes and throughout the month of August, combining gold and teal make for stellar events. 

The richness of the gold combined with the softness of the teal will give your wedding an edge!


September- Royal Blue 

September and Royal Blue go together like you and your future spouse. There is a true regal vibe that surrounds royal blue, especially for a wedding. This unique colour will give your wedding that certain “je ne sais quoi” you have been looking for. 


October- Eggplant

Eggplant is a dark purple that is ideal for a fall wedding. Many people try to stay away from having black as their main colour and although we all love black, many believe it to not be wedding appropriate. Eggplant is a great way of bringing dark tones into your wedding while staying away from black! 


November- Multicolour

One unique and out of the box trend is to incorporate a slew of colours into your décor. Your bridesmaids will all wear different colours or patterns and your floral arrangements can include flowers of all sorts and shades. There are so many colour combinations to be made that will allow you to have a breathtaking wedding. 


December- All White

December weddings have a certain winter romance to them. That is why it is so spectacular to have an all-white, December wedding. All white is a popular choice when it comes to wedding décor, the simple sophistication it offers is why brides tend to love it so much.