A word from our president

Well here we all are, cast in a role we didn’t audition for, in a terrible movie we wouldn’t even want to see, let alone be a part of. I’ve been reading countless of these “Dear Customer” statements that people like me..or their assistants have written to reassure..well..their dear customers. Seems like it’s about time I came up with my own, so here goes...

We do not wish to cancel or postpone any event unless it’s prohibited by government restriction, good conscience and old fashioned common sense. Some customers who’ve booked with us for the upcoming season have expressed their wish to move their event to a later date. In most cases, it remains a decision too premature to make but we intend to continue working closely with them as each day brings a new twist to the story.

Any customer forced to postpone their event with us will not lose their deposit nor will they be penalized in any way. Our company has been around for many years and has built one of the most solid foundations in the industry, so you can count on us to weather this storm and be there waiting for you at the other end of it. We will never let you down.

As there aren’t any events scheduled in the next couple of weeks, we’ll be closing in order to minimize risk to our staff and customers alike. We’ll also take the opportunity to do a good spring cleaning to our already clean venues. Our representatives will however, remain completely reachable by telephone or email.

In the last couple of weeks, you may have stopped by to check in on a family member. You may have spent a little more time with your grandmother than you have in a while. You may have held open a door for the person walking behind you, so they wouldn’t have to touch it. You may have watched a neighbour’s child cause they needed to go to work. You may have left your car in the driveway cause you didn’t really need to release more fumes into our air. Like all of you, my wish is that what we’re going through today, quickly slips into history..but I hope some of the lessons we learn, endure. Spend time with the people you love. Care about strangers. Be kind to our planet...and for God’s sake; leave some toilet paper for the rest of us.

Wishing you good health ‘til next we meet

Bobby Gentile | Président
Groupe Madison

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Madison offers some of Montreal’s and Laval’s premium banquet facilities. Our selection of reception venue’s luxurious backdrops and tailored service is certain to impress and create unforgettable wedding memories for you and your guests.

Madison boasts an impressive collection of venues and an unparalleled catering service adaptable to a wide range of events in Montreal, Laval, and surrounding areas. The family-owned business has led the way in providing the perfect blend of luxury, service and expertise for over half a century. Groupe Madison has established an enviable reputation and has become an industry leader, creating unforgettable moments for its customers, one event at a time.

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