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“A happy bridesmaid makes a happy bride!”

Tips for choosing the right bridesmaids’ dresses:
• Begin by browsing styles that you, the bride, like.
Keep cost in mind, since typically the bridesmaids pay their own attire (unless, of course, you are offering it as a thank you gift).
• Shop alone (or with one friend) first to narrow your choices, then bring the rest of the bridal party for the final choice.
Be conscientious of everyone’s body type and style. You may either (1) choose one style that suits everyone or (2) provide a material and/or color palette and have the bridesmaids choose their own dresses.
• Place the dress order as soon as possible. It can take 2-4 months for a dress to arrive and another 1-2 months for alterations.

While you’re there… don’t forget about Mother-of-the-Bride, Mother-of-the-Groom and Flower Girl dresses!


“I give you this ring as a symbol of my commitment to love, honor and respect you all the days of my life”

Tips for buying rings:
Set a budget for the bride and groom ring.
Narrow your choices before getting to the jeweler. What color metal do you prefer: gold, silver, white, rose gold?
Be practical. Remember you’ll be wearing the band every day so buy something that matches your personality and daily routine.
Think long-term. Make sure it’s a timeless style you won’t get tired of!
Size it right. Temperature, body weight, and water retention affect the size of your fingers. Do your final fitting on a day that you are calm and your body temperature is normal.
Have your ring cleaned often. It will preserve the shine.
Protect your investment. Think about getting insurance on your engagement and wedding rings.
Keep your ring safe. Prior to the wedding, perhaps it can remain at your jeweler’s, otherwise keep it in a safe.

• Book your ceremony officiant.
• Book your marriage courses if you are required to take them.
• Compile your final guest list. Ensure you have their complete address!
• Book your main vendors. Check out past articles to ensure you’re on track

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