7-8 months to go!
It’s time to get working on invitations.


You are cordially invited. There is a lot that goes into an invitation. We tried to keep it as short and sweet as possible!

Invitation selection tips:
• Have an invitation budget.
• Narrow down your style. Typically your venue selection helps with this (Are you getting married in a modern venue? A rustic venue? An outdoor venue?)
• Choose a color palette – and carry it through all of your stationary. Keep readability in mind.
• Choose an invitation size. Consider that non-standard envelope size or thickness can increase postage.
• Don’t crowd the card with too much information, and choose your words wisely. See the “Wedding Invitation Wording” section further below.
• Count your households and order about 25 extras. Remember it is one invitation per household. And order extras in case you need to resend some, invite more people (i.e. your B-list – you may want to consider a later RSVP date for these ones), or put some aside as keepsakes.

Wedding Invitation Etiquette

• Invitations should be sent 8-12 weeks prior to the wedding date.
RSVP date should be 4-6 weeks prior to the wedding date.
• A particular dress code can be indicated on the bottle right-hand corner of the invite or on the reception card. Ex: “Black tie,” “cocktail attire” or “casual  attire”.
• You may or may not choose to invite guests with plus-ones (both are acceptable). Simply address your invitations accordingly – either just the guest’s name or with their name “and Guest”.
• If you are having an adults-only wedding, address your invitations accordingly – to each guest name. Avoid writing “and family” or “and guest”.

Wedding Invitation Wording

Who’s hosting? Their names should be first.
• If the bride’s parents are hosting: “Mr. and Mrs. [Bride’s Parents] request…”
• If the bride and groom’s parents are hosting:”Mr. and Mrs. [Bride’s Parents] & Mr. and Mrs. [Groom’s Parents] request…”
• If everyone is hosting: “[Bride and Groom] together with their parents Mr. and Mrs. [Bride’s Parents] & Mr. and Mrs. [Groom’s Parents] request…”
• If the bride and groom are hosting: “[Bride and Groom] invite you to share…”

Addressing envelops:
• A married couple: “Mr. Michael and Mrs. Stacey Laney” or “Mr. and Mrs. Michael Laney”
• A married couple with different last names: “Mr. Michael Laney and Mrs. Stacey O’Neil” or “Mr. Laney and Mrs. O’Neil”
• Guests who live alone: “Mr. Michael Laney” or “Mr. Laney” (if you would like them to bring a guest, add “and Guest”)
• Families: “”Mr. and Mrs. Michael Laney & Family”

Consider ordering the rest of your stationary
• Ceremony Programs
• Reception Menus
• Placecards or Seating Chart
• Table Numbers
• Thank You Cards

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