Your 6-7 month countdown!
Time to pamper yourself and enjoy some cake!


The trick to being gorgeous on your wedding day is to have your hair and makeup reflect you!

Wedding Hair Tips
Have an idea of what you’d like, including an up-do, a down, and a half-way.
Book a trial at least 4 weeks prior to your wedding date. Try having the stylist do each of the three styles (up-do, down, and half-way).
Bring one other person with you to your trial so that you can get another opinion.
Take pictures of every angle so that you can have it replicated on your wedding day.

Wedding Makeup Tips
Have an idea of what you’d like. Take into account the skin tone of those in the pictures you are choosing, as well as the fact that most professional pictures are photo-shopped.
Book a trial at least 4 weeks prior to your wedding date.
Wear a white t-shirt so that you get the true effect of what your makeup will look like against a light wedding dress.
Take pictures with and without flash to ensure you like the stylist’s techniques.

In Both Cases
Go pro. It is advisable to book a professional rather than a friend; what can go wrong likely will on your wedding day, so it’s best to be prepared with a stylist who is used to dealing with wedding day pressure and who uses professional products that will last the full day.
• Don’t let the stylist hijack your look. Be true to yourself!

Accessory Rules
Match your metals: Gold with gold, silver with silver.
Less is more: If your dress is already embellished, too much jewelry can make it look over-the-top.
You don’t need a traditional veil: If a veil isn’t your thing, try hair jewelry like hair combs or bands.
Think beyond traditional jewelry: A sash can really embellish your look.
Stick to what you know: If you normally wear jewels, then do so. If not, don’t.
Don’t wear a watch: It’s too casual. Opt for a shimmering bracelet instead.

The pièce de résistance, a wedding cake should not be overlooked and should be a reflection of your taste!

Tips for choosing a cake
The cake should complement your wedding style: Bring pictures of what you’ve booked.
Have a budget in mind: Cakes are normally charged by piece; how many people are you? The more ornate, the higher the price.
Will you be serving your cake or putting it on the sweet table? If you’re serving your cake to guests as dessert, then you need one piece per person. If you are placing the cake on the sweet table, you can get away with getting a cake for less people than the number of guests.
• If you are placing the cake on the sweet table rather than serving it, consider having different flavours for different tiers to accommodate all tastes!
• If the cake is serving as a décor piece that will remain out in room-temperature throughout the evening, work with the pastry chef to ensure the cake will look just as good when it is time to take pictures after the meal (i.e. perhaps skip putting fruit).
Don’t forget a cake topper.
Have a delivery plan: Have the cake vendor drop it off at the venue; do not risk someone dropping the cake.

Book your invitations (see “7-8 months to go!” article)

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