4-5 months until the big day!
Let’s talk about décor, hotels and honeymoon.


What is your wedding vision? Are you thinking of a ton of décor or a more minimalist approach with some personal touches? Whatever your style or budget, there’s a way to bring your vision to life!

Décor Tips
Pin! Get on Pinterest for inspiration… but know that most photos are from high-end photoshoots.
Stick to your budget: Most venues offer the majority of the venue décor; mix and match what the venue offers with your own personal touches. If you budget is limited, then focus on your honour table!
Colour scheme: Ensure that your décor colour scheme matches with your floral colour scheme.
Lighting: Play with lighting, it’s amazing what strategically placed lighting can do to a space!
Ceiling and wall details: Don’t forget about curtains, backdrops, chandeliers, hanging hoops and vases, and suspended lights!
Play with fabrics and shapes: Mix and match tableware and table shapes.
Bring in personal details: It’s your day! Bring framed pictures of you and your significant other for around the room.
Personalize the dancefloor: Place a vinyl monogram with your initials on your dancefloor or perhaps a lovely quote. Or, even, cover the entire dancefloor in a way that represents you (a hockey rink, maybe?).

Here are the top trends of 2018 to keep in mind when booking your decor!



Are you hosting out-of-town guests? Do you want a relaxing night prior to your wedding? Or would you like to benefit from a romantic sleep on the night of your wedding?

Room Blocks
• The perks of booking a room block for your guests

– It ensures your guests all have a place to stay
– It allows your guests to save; typically since you are booking several rooms, guests get better rates
– You can plan for a bus to pick up all of your guests and bring them to the venue, ensuring they are all on time

• How to?

– Every hotel works differently, but typically you’d block off a minimum of 10 rooms under your name, with an establishes nightly rate.
– Typically the hotel will liberate any unused rooms a month or so prior to your wedding, as to not get stuck with the rooms thereafter.
– Book early to benefit from better prices.
– Include accommodation cards with your invitations, with the hotel name and number, a contact name, and the price (if it will not change).

A Room for You
The night prior to the wedding: If you or your groom are staying at a hotel the night prior to your wedding, and also getting ready there the morning of, you should consider:

– Whether the hotel is quiet enough to offer you a good night sleep (if yours is a Sunday wedding, ensure that there is no Saturday wedding at the hotel that can keep you from sleeping).
– Whether your room is picture-worthy for the morning of the wedding, since you’ll likely be getting ready there.
– Whether there is enough lighting for your makeup artist to work; otherwise, have her bring her lamp.
– Bringing food for the morning of, since it may be too early to get room service, or you may not have time.
– Having enough time to tidy up and make your bed the morning of the wedding, in case any pictures are taken. Otherwise, opt for a suite with a separate bedroom so that pictures can be taken in a separate room.

The night of the wedding: After months of planning and a day full of emotions, a night at a hotel is the perfect way to start a marriage!

Things to consider:
– If you’ve planned a morning-after brunch with your out-of-towners, consider staying in the same hotel as your guests.
– Book the room of your dreams, you’re worth it. Mention to the clerk that this is your wedding night, and remind him when you check in… it may even get you an additional upgrade.
– You’ve likely booked much of your wedding on your credit card to collect points; try redeeming these points at the hotel.
– Book in advance to benefit from better rates.
– Add a in-suite breakfast-for-two or a spa package upon booking, so that you have everything planned for you when you wake up (hungover!).

“Love is the food of life, travel is the dessert”!

Tips for booking your honeymoon:
Set your goals for your trip: Are you thinking an all inclusive or more of a travelling adventure?
Work with a travel agent: One-stop shop for flight, accommodation, excursions, etc! They’ll get you the best price thanks to their high-volume. Plus you’ll get advice. All without stress!
Choose off-season spots: Avoid places whose high-season coincide with your ideal honeymoon dates or, push the honeymoon by a few weeks. Off-season means better prices and less tourists.
• Consider a honeyfund: Instead of a typical household registry, opt for a honeyfund where your guests can contribute to your honeymoon expenses, providing you with experiences you wouldn’t otherwise have access to!
Book early: This means better flight rates and that inexpensive rooms won’t be sold out.
Shop the sale or use points: Book towards the end of the year, and use the points you’ve been collecting on your credit card!
When inquiring about a reservation, let the person know it’s for your honeymoon: You may be privy to upgrades!

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