11-12 months before “I do”!
Start thinking about your wedding dress.


It is important to have your ceremony and reception venue booked, as well as some idea of your wedding style, in place before shopping for a gown. We therefore suggest starting to look for your dream wedding dress about 11 months before your wedding, so that you can actually order it 9 months before your wedding, in anticipation of any delivery delays or alterations. Or, after shopping around, you may decide to get a custom dress, meaning you’ll need enough time to enjoy the process.

Here are some tips for wedding dress shopping:
What is your dress budget?
Do your research. Find some pictures of styles you like so that you can help guide your bridal consultant.
Make an appointment at least two-weeks in advance. If you’re looking for a stress-free, fun experience, book an appointment during the week instead of on a Saturday. If you are looking for specific designers, find out which stores carry them.
Limit your entourage. If you watch bridal shows, you know that less is more when it comes to companions. You’ll spend your appointment trying on dresses they like, rather than ones you’ve got your heart set on. If you can’t imagine not including them in this step, invite them to your fittings!
Primp for your appointment. Style your hair, put some makeup and wear a nude bra and a seamless underwear. This way, you’ll feel confident and get the full effect of the trial.
Be vocal. Let the sales consultant know what you like and don’t like, without crossing the line to bridezilla-ville!
• Step out of your comfort zone. Some dresses look dull on a hanger, but great on, so make sure you try them! Don’t let a pushy salesperson sweet talk you into buying a dress you don’t completely love; try all styles!
Buy the size that fits you now. You may be expecting to lose weight, but buy the size that currently fits, and get it altered thereafter. Don’t risk getting a dress that is too small, it’s a lot more difficult to get it altered!
Move around in the dress. Stand, sit, dance, make sure the dress is comfortable and not too heavy!
If you find the dress you love, even if it’s at the first store you shop at, buy it! When you know, you know. Shop with the intent of purchasing. If you try on too many, the shopping process will get complicated and exhausting.
Read the fine print on your order, including price, color, style number and name, delivery date, alterations fee, cancellation policy.

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