The Lead Up
Advice from our President


Enjoy Your Wedding From the Moment You’re Engaged

Recently I was home fumbling through some drawers and stumbled upon an old T-shirt with letters in large blue print emblazoned across it that read “Le Madison Established 1994”. Once past the slightly painful math, I took some comfort in knowing that in the many years since that loose-fitting garment was stitched together; I’ve at least managed to learn a thing or two.

Among my few gifts…And they are few, I am blessed with a keen ability to recognize and appreciate a good thing as I’m living it and not only years later in nostalgic retrospect. If only every couple who walked through my doors could do the same. I wish they were all able to realize that a great time in their lives was unfolding before them there and then. All too often, the opposite is true. For many, the prospect of planning a seemingly monumental event with what feels like a never-ending list of tasks, details and deadlines leaves them more overwhelmed than overjoyed.

Your guests have no idea what you’ve got planned 

You’re playing the final effect of your efforts in your mind over and over again. You need absolutely everything to go just as you’re imagining it should. The slightest deviation from your master plan would be catastrophic…Hmm not really.

Remember; your guests haven’t a clue what you’ve got in store. If the band has your ring bearers walking in to the wrong music, no one will know. If your florist sprinkles yellow rose petals on tables instead of red, no one will be the wiser and if the Mr Puffs guy is expected to arrive at 11:00 but only shows up at 11:30…or worse still; not at all, don’t let it give you heart palpitations cause no one will ever know he was even supposed to be there in the first place.

A wedding isn’t just about “The Big Day”

The saddest mistake too many couples make is seeing their wedding day as the finish line and all that precedes it as a torturous obstacle course. Having that view is to rob yourselves of incredible memories. With so much going on, emotion and temper are bound to make an appearance or two in the lead up to the big day. Don’t let them turn an experience to embrace into one you just want to get over and done with. Remind yourself that in the end, all you’re really doing is throwing a party.

The planning of your wedding is among the few times when those who matter to you most are just as, or even more excited about what’s happening to you than you are. Allow yourselves and the ones you love and who love you right back to revel in the moment. Don’t miss the twinkle of pride in your Dad’s eye when you’re both trying on tuxes in front of the mirror and he’s thinking “I still look better than him”. Savor your mom’s expression when it seems she’s about to explode with joy from seeing her daughter in the most perfect wedding dress of all time. These precious flashes in time are yours for the taking. Don’t let them whizz past you. Your wedding day may be the destination but take it from someone who’s seen a few; make darn sure you enjoy every minute of the ride getting there…Even the bumps.


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